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Welcome to LouBoa's Sims! On This site, I am going to post my opinion of great skins on the internet, amongst my own. If you would like your Skin posted on here, Email at the link above, with a zip file containing a picture from the family web page (from the Game), the *.skn file, the Body and Head File, and a readme containing the name of your creation, and whatever information about stealing ideas etc. Also, if you scroll your mouse over the picture of the skin, it will say its name, and its creator as well as if it is just a body or a head. As you can see, littered around the edges of the site, are various hyperlinks that I urge you to click on. Sims Plus is a great site for New object downloads etc. Centerman is probably the best Skinner on the Internet, so I beg you to go on his site and check out his work, or go to the first skins page on this site and look at his Rob Van Dam. Also Paradox Sims is a good site, MGON Forums are a great place to visit as well as The Sim Resource. The 7 Deadly Sims is the best place on the internet to find objects and a few skins.


08-01-02 = 4 New Skins Added
30-12-01 = 1 New Skin Added
29-12-01 = 8 New Skins Added



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